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  • Youth have big decisions to make! They have desires to make a great life, but sometimes just don't know if they can do it. Sometimes all they need is a little hope!

    My life is awesome because my parents overcame some of life's toughest challenges. Because they overcame, I know that all of us can make progress toward our dreams. We can become bigger and better than we are today. I want to help. I care how it turns out.


  • Stack the Deck!

  • Become More!

  • Life has challenges! Today's youth have so many tough things to wade through. Between their own choices and the impact of other's choices, it can feel like the cards are stacked against a person. This presentation walks through powerful experiences in the lives of two real life heroes who waded through incredibly difficult childhoods to become wonderful supportive parents who have truly succeeded! This presentation has a companion resource eBook that helps a person Stack the Deck in their favor. 


  • "As long as I've known Eric, I've always been amazed by his talent that he shares...Tonight was the frosting on the cake as he presented before several hundred people some sketches of some experiences that happened in my [family's] life that were very difficult situations to describe--much less even believe. I was able to experience not only the emotion of having known some of those experiences firsthand, but to experience it all over in a sharing way before the public, wondering to myself how could someone present that so artfully and with such a lesson attached to it that could be taken away by almost every person in the room. I was very impressed with the work that Eric showed us tonight."

    Dan LeBaron

  • "It was such a gift to hear Eric speak to our group! He is a master story teller in such a way that gives me confidence and knowledge that I can rewrite any parts of my personal story that have been holding me back. His message will continue to bless and inspire me for a long time and I’m so grateful for the tools he shared to help me be the hero of my own life. His sense of humor is an added bonus!"


  • "Eric's dynamic presence on stage and his generous, heartfelt message is more than just entertaining. It’s inspiring, motivational, and empowering! The best part, though, is that he offers real-world implementable tips that are helping me stack the deck in my favor in spite of all the odds in my every day life!"


  • "Eric tells a unique and compelling story that instantly grabbed our attention. Facing difficulties and overcoming is a universal theme that teens today can easily benefit from and really need. His suggestions and advice are solid, easy to apply, and memorable, and as shown through the way his family has overcome the terrible deck of cards they were dealt, these principles work."